A fog comes down between you and the world.

Words have to scramble through.

A dog’s breakfast of sounds.

Turning the volume up on the TV only increases the blur.

Why does one sense desert you when others

are intact?

Every now and then yr ears pop

and the world of sounds : leaf blowers.

crows caw, the Harley revving up

across the road, the postman’s whistle,

comes rushing at you with all its

clarity and clangor.

31 thoughts on “Blur

  1. Oh, how discombobulating. โ€˜Dogโ€™s breakfast of soundโ€™ is a striking image of what misery this must be. Earplugs with tassels, like Hepburn from BAT, might it help? The mind needs respite from all that noise.

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    • thanks, K; seeing doc tomorrow , possibly for ear syringe; meanwhile It’s giving me something new to write about: almost all my poems involve vision, so it’s refreshing — and a challenge — to have written one around hearing; you don’t come across that many —


  2. I liked this poem John, except I feel the word ‘its’ would be better placed at the beginning of the final line, which would then place more emphasis on the word ‘all’ in the penultimate line.



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  3. Great description of the blurring of sound, which I usually associate with the visual sense. The two are linked though. I once got the wax cleaned out of my ears and my eyesight improved immediately. Hope your visit goes well. xo

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  4. Whoa those hearing woes! But I do get jazzed when I can actually fix small hearing aid problems. I am better at writing than fixing. The biggest irony for us old married folks is that usually the first things we lose with age are the higher tones with which our wives speak. Whoa those hearing woes!

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