You can’t swat them

with yr hand.

                       spray them

with disinfectant.

                                      or repel them

with incense coils.

They won’t buy it.

And you can’t

                      shut them out.

Not even

                                                          in yr room

at night.

Bite.    Bite.       Bite.

They whinge and they whine.

Those old anxieties, What ifs?

Those mozzies                     of yr mind.

35 thoughts on “Them

    • thanks Matthew; apparently these humble, annoying insects are essential or at least useful to our ecosystem; will we see the day when someone writes an ode to midges or mozzies ??


      • that’s fine, Matyhew; Google was useful in this; there’s a wonderful story by Edward P Jones in ‘The New Yorker’ of 2004 called ‘Old Boys, Old Girls’ when the main character ruminates on the usefulness of certain species including mozzies and midges. Worth a read if you can find it —


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