32 thoughts on “The Kick

  1. You need to get out more
    so put your shoes on
    and go shopping
    for some comfy slip ons
    I was once bound up
    in shoe lace despair
    but I went to Walmart
    and found
    a lovely pair of loafers
    The ultimate
    in lace less footwear 👌😎
    for a man with no slippers

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  2. Does making a pot of tea count? Such a lovely ritual. I enjoy the shoelace thing too. In fact, I rather like how very automatic tying a bow is. And I love peeling carrots. They are way easier than potatoes. However, I fear the jokes people might make about that so I will say no more about it. I also love bringing sheets in off the line…. not so much the act itself but the smell of the clean sheets.

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  3. Simple tasks include laundry, I love the meditative nature of wash, dry, fold, put away. I also love fruit for breakfast and cut all my fruit into small pieces for a fruit bowl. It’s a nice morning ritual. I don’t bite into a fruit such as an apple or anything else that has a seed in it if I can help it.

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