The Catastrophist

You better watch yourself.
You’re becoming a catastrophist.
That bbq pack in the backseat, for instance,
is not going to wreck the suspension.
Cars were designed to carry weight.
And , no, no one’s going to break in and steal it
when you duck in for a coffee and cake.
And as for that brandy and dry offered just before dinner
it’s not going to play havoc with your digestive system
if you have it before your standard glass of red.
It’s a cold day. Loosen up for f*&&^% ‘s sake.
You’re driving everyone batty.

*pic courtesy of pinterest

30 thoughts on “The Catastrophist

  1. I love this series of thoughts!! I’m often thinking and worrying about leaving things in my beat up car and then I remember that more than likely it’s not that important to anyone else but me 😂

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  2. Loading a bbq pack into the back
    of the car whilst drinking coffee &
    eating cake, after guzzling copious
    amounts of alcoholic beverages during an attack by prehistoric
    flying reptiles … with the Missus!
    Been there and done that, John 😎

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