One Day They’ll Wake up to Me

One day they’ll wake up to me.

They’ll say, he doesn’t read the books he requests we purchase.

He just flits through them

Why does he even bother?

And I’ll say, ‘coz the book reviews were inspiring

or I read an extract in ‘The New Yorker’ or ‘SMH’,

But when I went to read it I got bored: the characters were flat, the plot rambling, the writing uninspired.

A bit like some of your posts, a snide librarian might say.

My Friday friend once said, I had the attention span of a gnat.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I did finish a book a few years ago.

That was a book of short stories. Does that count?

Anyway, they’ll blacklist me soon, and everyone will be happy.

41 thoughts on “One Day They’ll Wake up to Me

  1. When reading isn’t a pleasure because the book doesn’t engage you, it’s time to move to another book. Like you, my attention span isn’t what it used to be, or maybe I’m just less willing to spend time on something I don’t enjoy. 🙂


  2. That’s the problem with books. You don’t know if it was good before you read it. I agree the characters need to be interesting, plot comes second. Then again if the plot was great but characters flat, that would be a plot twist!

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  3. I am crap at reading at the moment. And I feel guilty about it too. Like maybe a writer can’t be a writer if they’re not reading. But I can listen to books. I listen to books and podcasts and that’s my literary input. When I was in early high school (I think it was around then) my father dragged us into Cremorne in Sydney to watch 2001 A Space Odyssey because he read a review that said it had “no plot, no dialogue and no character”. Dad was completely intrigued. :-). So Reviews do different things for different people.


  4. So you have the public library order books that you don’t read?
    For the sake of library budgets, please don’t order any more. Let that money go to books that someone will actually read.
    And if you’re being tongue in cheek, sorry for not picking up on that.

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