Ruffians of the Lord


in their rumble jackets,


growly haired,

they waylaid me

at the foot

of the jetty

proselytizing Jesus;

one thrust a pamphlet

in my face

& I waved it away

saying, not interested

& he said

in a thick Russian accent,

why you not interested

& the others milled around;

I dug my hands

into my pockets

& strode up the jetty

wondering what Jesus would make of

these ruffians of the Lord

20 thoughts on “Ruffians of the Lord

  1. I think these ruffians believe they are saving ‘souls’, but there’s a problem if you don’t believe you need to be saved. I’m speaking as an atheist, not a critic. I avoid organized religion like the plague.

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  2. I’m sure they didn’t mean to be ruffians. Imagine standing there all day with so many rejections. Possibly one would be driven to more intense measures than is perhaps wished for. I used to be rude to the people who ring us constantly wanting to inform us about government rebates on Solar Panels. But I’m not rude anymore. I’m pretty sure they don’t know how irritating they are. They’re just earning a buck. And I honestly think we are programmed to think the Russian accent is tough. I mean, how many James Bond villains are Russian? Ever since the cold war… I remember playing with a friend when I was younger than 7. She was a few years older than me and had been at boarding school in England where I had only experienced the little village on an Indonesian Island. Whenever we played games, the enemies were “The Russians”. I look back on that and realise that I had no idea who or what “The Russians” signified. I have written my own poem of an encounter with a man of religious fervour.

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