Along the Way

Along the Way

I’ve lost Ed along the way.

Don too.

And Hobbo, of course.

We’ve all lost him.

Blogging friends come and go

like friends in the real world.

But a handful, a baker’s dozen, if you’re lucky,

stay with you.

Your tribe.
Through thick and thin.

Missteps and triumphs.

Five years is not a long time

but they’re always there

sharing their thoughts, their little poems,

their stories,

knowing you won’t be judgmental.

A few drift off for a while

but they come back.
I love their voices in the night,

on bleak afternoons,

on the mornings you’re home alone,

souls you can share your inner life with.

And they listen

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45 thoughts on “Along the Way

    • My friend Terveen knows of your tribe? She’s kept that from me. She’s a Team Leader in FCS. A true stalwart John. I think she likes me😍.

      Yes John, I have been on walkabout with Skip my drinking buddy.. We have been busy at FCS attending to the births of Priscilla cat, Ralph dog, Trixxie and Lexxie hussy buddies, Stan man of many talents, and little Billy mathematical genius – 376X947 on fingers in 2min. Leaves me for dead. So many births on FCS John . Lotsa beer drunk. Come and join the party.😜

      btw Does Fandango drop in for tea and bikkies? He is another FCS Team Leader. Billy adores him….

      Look forward to seeing you. Like yesterday 😎. I have returned to your fold. Baaa 🐔

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  1. Great post and that is so true. Never take it personally as blogs shut down, people change, and so do their interests. I think that fluidity is great about blogging. You can instantly follow someone new or unfollow someone who you no longer want to for whatever reason 🙂

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  2. I’ve missed your blog while I was away! I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, I’ve had to skip a week or two now and then and in October I lost a whole month because of farm work that took precedent however, I got a bunch of thoughtful messages from bloggers wanting to check in and see if I was okay. It also melted my heart. I’m thanks for the friends I’ve made here!!

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  3. Well said, John, per usual. I have missed being around the blogosphere. Life just has a tendency to HAPPEN, you know; and wonted doings don’t get done as we’d like. >> sigh << But I am here again for now! I truly appreciate you.

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