48 thoughts on “Guillotine

      • Thanks. My posts are normally short. retired with plenty of time. Can write up to 10 posts a day. A true manic. Causes lots of ‘issues’ . It’s how they’re dealt that counts though. I forget most of what I’ve written eg Manic Rooster. Must go back and look..

        Can’t see any manic ones here. Probably taken off stage. Too embarrassing. Shit Jack don’t video that one. But the owner boss? $500 to do?…OK Jack. We can edit it out , videoshop it whatever……..everyone was happy John. Good thing the boss wasn’t a John…….

        I could go on but I won’t. Weeds are calling…..😜

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      • ‘there is mastery in brevity done well’

        I respect any writer who can do this.

        I have this general idea that a good writer/ poet is one who can get their message across with a minimum of words. Could have even been something I read once. And yes, it is a skill which takes time to master.

        To me in rhyme scansion takes priority. It has to lilt along scanningly……..

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  1. Your excellent post accurately describes a bijoona. You should Google it, I expect you will find an article, entitled, In Search of the Savage Bijoona, originally published in 1973.
    It’s a real eye-opener.

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