Is It Okay?

Is it okay to take a post down?

I took a post down the other day

but no one noticed,

said anything.

Look, it had its chance.

But no one came up and asked it

to dance.

It slumped, sad and neglected on the page,

loudly weeping.

You can’t have that on a public forum.

It’s like that Philip Hodgkins poem, ‘Shooting the Dogs’.

I had to take it down to the basement,

put it out of its misery.

I just hope no one was watching.

35 thoughts on “Is It Okay?

  1. I notice every time John. I get an email alert when you post a blog, and sometimes by the time I check, it’s already disappeared.

    To answer your question: Yes, it’s OK to take down a post, and it shows your high standards for your work. I figure that whatever you ultimately choose to publish is then the best you have to offer.

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    • thanks, Eden, for that comment; yes, the work I took down was from the archive; I had no new material to put up so I prowled the archive; but the poem I found was awkward: the language a little dated, the rhythm not right; but this one, I got it in two takes 🙂

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  2. I rarely take them down. Just let them flop around like fish on the river bank staring at a wide expanse of water. This might be more brutal, though. If there’s a bang in the basement and no one is around to hear it, does it really take place-sorta question. Your words lead us down that stairwell of thinking.

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  3. we’re all different, Don; I manage one post a day MAX and I give it my best shot; sometimes I go three days without posting; that’s okay too; it works for me; everyone works to their own rhythm


  4. I’m just humble 1 visitor per day chum, but please do whatever you think is right. The world needs more real people, not people who put on a show for others. If removing content, changing your writing style, changing platforms, etc. brings you relief, then do it. Maybe more people will start making content, whether it’s blogging, vlogging or live streaming, if people started acting more like themselves and stopped following trends, putting on facades and acting like perfect demi-gods(not accusing you of any of this). Sorry if it sounds like in ranting; I’m just bored.

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