34 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. I take in moderation things not good for me, like alcohol, sweets (no problem since I don’t like sweets), but hard for me to moderate savoury foods like chips!

    Read, write, sing, laugh, love … shouldn’t we want to do these things in excess if we do no harm to others? I think so!

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  2. I think we can choose to do whatever we like to ourselves. Go partying to excess , eat junk food to excess, etc etc on one condition. That it’s not hurting others. This goes for whether in excess or not. If it’s hurting other people then it should stop.

    So in a way I don’t agree that everything should be a modicum . We have a personal choice for modicum or excess on the proviso it doesn’t hurt others

    But I did get what you were meaning John…….

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    • And I knew what you were meaning also. Didn’t my mama teach me ‘all things in moderation’? This would refer to the individual . Don’t eat to excess, drink to excess, gamble to excess. My GP asked me yesterday are you writing poetry to excess Don? Is that why you’re coming apart at the seams? I am falling apart doc but no. Are you writing addict like me. John? Overloaded? Or have you trained your neurons to stop when you say so? I’ve lost control of mine. I’m gonna have to go to rehab again I think…….

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      • no, Don; I’m like you; I’m a compulsive writer; when I’m not posting, I’m thinking up my next post, always have something on the go; I do take time out for relationships and reading and I sleep reasonably well; so that slows mwe down; but yes, you could call me a compulsive writer


      • I try and switch off with purposed ‘distractions’ but not easy at times. Especially when you’re a diagnosed manic. Drugs do help but the manic edge is still there. Do i want to get rid of it? Never. I could’nt write what I do without it. But I do get carried away at times…..

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