Like angry black hairs

the ants scatter everywhere

when I discover them

under the hem

of the water drum


They are like

runaway exclamation marks

on their side

their heads

the full stops


A year after the gulf war

I stayed with a friend in the states

who suffered a home invasion

of ants .

He sprayed , stamped , stomped

on them

till his house was clean .

That’s what Bush should have done

with Saddam he proclaimed


There are no ants in heaven

a priest explained to us at school .

Some how they got beneath the creator’s gaze

like cockroaches , rats and spiders .

They have no souls .

Kill with impunity


Smidgins of black , dashes.

a black din of limbs

an amokery of midnight slivers

through a crack in our world

they got in

*pic courtesy of pinterest

38 thoughts on “Ants

  1. We had an army of exclamation marks this year in our kitchen! Summer heat combined with a leaky radiator were the ideal bait — not fun. Still, I don’t like to kill ants, so it took a while to get rid of them. Liked this one John! πŸ˜€

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  2. I saw an ant in my kitchen last week enjoying the remnants of a sugar cube on the side. It went off to get it’s mates so I quickly wiped up the sugar that was there so when the ant returned with his mates, they would all think it was a liar!

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