Ants Doing Yoga — & Other Wild Things

Ants Doing Yoga

I was watching ants filing back and forth the other day

When two pulled ovef for a chat; and I wondered how it was

They knew each other seeing they all look alike; and I

Concluded they must have individual features like us:

Hooked noses, for instance, bushy eyebrows, little pot bellies

And carry nicknames like ‘Shorty’, ‘Ginge’ or ‘Spike’

And further ants must have little to say seeing they say it

So quickly, but mostly I wondered where ants are off to

All the time; it is hard to imagine them doing yoga, or chilling

Out at the cricket or at the beach in a deckchair or moshing out

in a mosh pit to Adam and the Ants. So where do ants go?

39 thoughts on “Ants Doing Yoga — & Other Wild Things

  1. What fabulous nicknames. Are these anties aunties, you think? I know I’m busy rushing about this time of year attending family gatherings, plays and recitals. Or maybe they’re enlisted ants on strict marching orders. In that case, they are most likely happy you caught them instead of the sergeant.

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  2. As a child I was fascinated by ants and used to watch their nests. Always busy, on a mission, finding food and cooperating to bring back the carcasses of insects so much bigger than themselves. They look disciplined, mature, capable. I’m sure if we were dropped into their world they would be horrified by how useless we are.

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