Where’s My Bear

Where’s My Bear?

I’m not myself today.

I wasn’t myself yesterday either.

Where are you? she says. Where’s my Bear?

I’m still here, I say.

No, you look like him but you’re not Bear. Go away.

So I do.

Back to my little cubby house in the ‘burbs.

I think of her. I miss her. The good times we had.

Perhaps I have been a little sloppy, solipsistic.

I send her a card. Anyone can send a text.

She texts back. I call.

Come over, Bear. I miss you.

I buy her a bouquet of long stemmed oriental lilies.

We cuddle. We kiss. Like bears.

We have found each other.

*pic courtesy of pinterest

26 thoughts on “Where’s My Bear

    • thanks Worms; don’t know this song but it’s a lovely melody and stand-out lyrics; I love the dog named ‘bear’; I’m called ‘Bear’ after a fictional character called ‘Johnny Bear’; I put a post up some time ago but I can’t find it now–

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      • Did you know that if you go into “posts” under “My Site” you can search for posts by words. Just click in the bar at the top and type in “bear” or whatever key word and it finds all the posts with that word in the title or the poem.


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