Admittedly it ranks a little lower

than the mystery of the Marie Celeste.

missing Malaysia Flight  A 370

or the disappearance of the Beaumont children

at our local beach on Australia Day

half a century ago

But I still want to know

what happened

to my snazzy blue, gold trimmed vest

I got for Xmas and took off for a shave

on Boxing Day

I only took it off for a minute

so I wouldn’t get it grubby.

Where did it go?

21 thoughts on “Gone

      • I read the first 2 very easily but by the end of the 3rd I was sick of the good vs evil nature of the narrative. I only read the 4th one because I was helping to look after an 11 year old cousin who insisted that we needed to make a Harry Potter Monopoly game and in order to do that I needed to be up to date! So I dutifully read the thing. Sorry to say it hasn’t stuck with me.

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      • I and my good friend agree; we enjoyed the fun and frivolity of the early parts but became disheartened by the way the series got bogged down in the darkness and evil: it came very heavy going 😦

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