Is This How it Happens

Is This How it Happens?

He drove down to the Tobacconist to buy her some cigs.

There was someone new there today.

Yes? he was asked.

That’s when it happened.

20, 20 …..It’ll come to me in a minute.

But it didn’t.

He had forgotten the mantra. The words that come one after the other. He had forgotten the first word. If he knew that, the rest would come.

He had to drive back home and ask.

What an idiot, he thought.

It wasn’t as bad as forgetting the groceries in the shopping trolley then driving off without them.

That was ten years ago.

But it wasn’t good.

She told him.

Then he drove back and said it: 20 Classic Gold Signature, thanks, Red.

It felt good like rattling off a formula for the chemistry teacher in Year 12.  Or a soliloquy from Hamlet.

He was on top of things again.

20 thoughts on “Is This How it Happens

    • well done, Neil; Winston used to be sold in Australia; there are no brands of cigarettes sold here now; only generic ‘brands’ like the one quoted in my post; and none are advertised; vaping has taken over amongst younger smokers —

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  1. I reckon that’s why the gov’t said “no more display of any branding of cigarettes”. They know we all suffer from the sink holes of which you speak. If you see familiar packaging, you know it. But yes, we all have word pits inside us somewhere – it’s similar to where 2nd socks go. And then turn up weeks later. 🙂

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