Greedy Gubbins

Greedy Gubbins.

I want to get up.

I want to see how much my eyes

have swollen,

want to see Kokki dash across the court

in his tiger shorts after his prey,

want to see those arum lilies again

trumpet their hosannas to orange,

want another pod coffee

another shot of Bailey’s

just a thimble full

but my partner sees me passing by.

You should rest your eyes, she says and I say,

too much to see,

and I know what sheโ€™s about to say

even before she says it:

my mummy would have called you,

a Greedy Gubbins, sheโ€™ll say

and then she says it,


22 thoughts on “Greedy Gubbins

    • thanks K; it’s a bit late now but I hope the Kokki reference didn’t fall flat, referring to watching Kokkinakis playing Murray in the Aussie Open; I don’t know if many people got that; you gotta be careful of sporting references —

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  1. I struggled to translate gubbins until I realized it’s the same in old Swedish with the modern version gubbe. If you have the patience it’s good to close your eyes and just listen. Then your imagination will run wild.

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