Things I’ve Heard about It

The Things I’ve Heard about It.

It is a cancer.

It is not a cancer.

You will not die from it.

You will die with it.

It is the cancer you want to have

if you have to have a cancer.

It is indolent. Lazy.

And that strange name.

Long as the name of a Welsh railway station.

Waldenstrom macroglobulinaneamia.

Try saying that in one breath.


  • pic courtesy of Wikipedia

39 thoughts on “Things I’ve Heard about It

  1. Sounds like more than a mouthful, John! Thinking of you. I find fear is the hardest thing once cancer is mentioned. I hope they can manage the symptoms for you. Perhaps you can start a competition in your ward to see who can make the best anagram of that alphabet soup of a disease name. :-).

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      • Medicine has come a loooong way in treatment for cancer. It’s been 23 years for me. I lost two years of my life, but it gave me a very good perspective for how to live. Two years is nothing in a lifetime but it’s still significant. I think you’re already wise, know yourself well, and hopefully your type of cancer doesn’t keep you down physically. Please continue to take care of yourself.

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      • thanks so much, Eden: I will; glad you recovered so well and yes, for even this type of cancer, I’ve been told treatment’s come a long way — keep those happy song posts going, Eden; I look forward to them; always a surprise πŸ™‚

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