One Perfectly Round Ear

One Perfectly Round Ear

Locked between his headphones

the scraggly haired beachcomber

scours the beach with his detector

its one perfectly round ear

listening to talk-back from the sand

music to his ears :

dollar coins , gold ear rings

or bottle tops , tin cans —

relics of summer’s empire .

On and on he goes

in his hand a miniature red spade

and a blue bucket of hope

  • pic courtesy of Wiki Commons

18 thoughts on “One Perfectly Round Ear

    • ahh yes; you see beachcombers most often after a hot spell when the families make their way home from the beach, leaving some valuables inadvertently behind: coins, rings, bracelets which the metal detector finds before the tide sweeps in; some make a tidy haul πŸ™‚

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