The rain has begun.

I park the car close as possible, then dodging the drops, duck into the library.

“Ahh,” says the librarian, “we’ve been wading through your requests and look what’s washed up.”

It is like Santa handing over a present.

“Ahh, ‘Waterlog’”, I say.”The perfect book to read in the bath,”

“Just don’t drop it,” he says.

I should have seen that coming but Steve is quick, very quick.

“Thanks,” I say and we have a brief chat on the merits of reading in strange places, like baths.

“Have to go”, I say. “The rain’s getting heavier.”

By the time I get to the car, the book and I are waterlogged.

Steve would have appreciated that pun.

Now I don’t have to worry about dropping it in the bath.

* what’s the strangest place you’ve read a book?

23 thoughts on “Waterlog

    • I’ve read it before but I’ve ordered it from the library for a reread; it started the movement for ‘wild swimming’ in England ; I want to get into it, push myself; the wildest swimming I’ve done is at the beach on a stormy day 🙂

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  1. I’ve read books in all kinds of odd places—trees, caves by the ocean, floating on the lake, planes, trains, hospital waiting rooms, and hotel bathrooms. I think one of my favorite places I ever read was on vacation in Switzerland. I climbed up a mountain and sat on a rocky cliff edge and read for as long as I could stand the wind. It was exhilarating.

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