Awkward Not Balanced

Awkward Not Balanced.

Can I tell you my dream, she says,

when talk turns to flowers.

What I really like

is a bouquet,

with one long sprig off to the side.

Awkward not balanced.

I like my poems like that too:


with fascist suns,

ladies with tachycardic eyes,

a girl with incarnadine hair,

poems with flourish,


like Tintinโ€™s quiff.

  • pic courtesy of pinterest

32 thoughts on “Awkward Not Balanced

  1. Oh, I wish my poems could have the lovely asymmetry and feel confident of themselves. Love the rich vocabulary of the final few sprigs, dear friend. Your word bouquet arrangements always delight and surprise.

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  2. Love this poem but I must admit I had to read several times. I was overwhelmed with the picture of my childhood hero TinTin. I remember the long hours spent in the public library waiting for my turn to read the latest album. Once I read through Tolstoj’s War and Peace waiting.

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