One moment the house is all lit up.

The next it is plunged

into darkness

as though hit with a heart attack.

I scramble around the black cavern

of the sitting room

for the door handle.

I have to get out

amongst the stars

out with my beautiful garden,

the pig weed and the white magnolias.

I sit down on my little bench

by the birdbath

and catch my breath.

Now I knew how Jonah felt

when swallowed by that whale.

26 thoughts on “Jonah

  1. Power failures here are frequent enough that we have a generator wired into the house to power the essentials. You do learn to adjust but I always find that life goes on immediate hold. With Fiona we were out for over a week (and were among the fortunate). All that aside – I love this poem! It draws one into the very sudden and immediate change of circumstances. Jonah and the whale is brilliant.

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  2. Very evocative! I used to rather enjoy the sudden darkness and silence of a power cut… provided it wasn’t mosquito season! Now we’re on solar, and we monitor our system carefully. So it’s been years since we experienced that sudden plunge into darkness.

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