What If on a sunny day

What If On a sunny day …….

the sun suddenly blacked out

had a power outage

while you were hanging out

the washing

or the dog was taking you

for a long walk through a maze

of streets?

You can’t fumble for a switch

phone your power provider.

You can’t even use the torch

on your mobile phone

if it’s not on you.

What would you do

if it lasted?

What would

27 thoughts on “What If on a sunny day

  1. My daughter told me that if the sun ever died, it would take us 8 minutes to be aware of it. :-). Doesn’t help anything but it’s kind of interesting to think about – how incredibly far away our force of life actually is. Actually, I think I just thought of a poem!

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  2. I did read Worm’s poem first, just cause it came up in my feed first. What a wonderful idea for a poem. If the sun went out, that would be the end for sure. Good news, we would have about 9 minutes till we found out.

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  3. Wow. My imagination is walking those dark streets and forest paths. Brings a lot of “what if’s to mind”… not to mention dreamscapes (and maybe nightmarish environments). The suddenness of it adds a very effective element.

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  4. Interesting to read this now, John. In Bali, the sun can disappear almost instantaneously behind clouds right before a downpour. The rain doesn’t last long, but during this transition, I enjoy watching the sky. I’ve never thought of the sun disappearing for good, but it’s a scary thought!

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