Les in Real Life

Les in Real Life,

The book of Les’ s poetry just fell off the desk

onto the polished wood floor.

At 783 pages it created quite a bang.

The millipede on the wall twitched.

The fluff sausage dogs in the corner jumped.

Les in real life was as hefty as his ‘Collected’.

He wrote poems celebrating the fat, his tribe,

including Quintets For Robert Morley,

the bushy-browed, triple-chinned English actor.

with the plummy voice.

There’s nothing plummy about our Les’s poetry.

It is wide of girth as Les himself, capacious,

containing jokes, puns, outlandish rhymes,

skew whiff metaphors., and clever insights.

It is written in Aussie English.

I bent down, picked dear old Les off the floor.

No need to go to gym tomorrow

lugging Les around.,

36 thoughts on “Les in Real Life

  1. A fine tribute to the Bush-bard, also once considered one of Australia’s Living Treasures, a man, who once explained that his composition of poems takes place in a trance: “…an integration of the body-mind and the dreaming-mind and the daylight-conscious-mind.” I love that! Otherwise, like Bob, I fear I’d never actually heard of Les. I’m hoping there’s a Canadian national treasure you haven’t heard of. No doubt. Great poem, John!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this, John. You have mentioned Les Murray a few times lately. I will have to borrow a book of his work or something. You have me quite interested to know more of his stuff. I like the affectionate way you speak of him.

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    • thanks Worms;I like most of his poems; two I draw your attention to apart from those mentioned in my post: ‘The Quality of Sprawl’ and the awkwardly named ‘It allows a portrait in line scan at fifteen’ about his autistic son,’ a remarkable poem. Both maybe online. I’ve said your poems have a little of Les in them; Have a read and tell me what you think —

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      • Just read (and listened to) “The Quality of Sprawl”. I loved the first 2 stanzas. I got a bit lost in all the references lower down. Not people or popular culture I was familiar with. And “Sprawl” as he defines it, is not a term I’m familiar with either. But I like the sound of it. Daring. Having integrity. Conviction without malice. Do you think it’s a term he made up or is it something you’ve come across elsewhere?

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      • no, I’m quite familiar with’ sprawl’ , the concept of spreading out, as in ‘urban sprawl’, but it also implies generosity of spirit, the sprawl’ in art, songs, for instance, Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Guns and Roses’ ‘November Rain’, Stevie Wright’s ‘Evie’ which I’ve written about before in a lost called ‘Evie’. Being a farm bot though he tends to bring in rural references —

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