I want to be a gangly recycle artist like Dambo,

the builder of wooden trolls.

Instead of discarded furniture, I use discarded poems,

snippets I’ve copied down in my commonplace books,

bits and pieces on suffering coz I know what’s that like now.

All the best poems have been written, Daz says.

He’s the one who wrote ‘The Parable of the Albino Pigeon’

so I listen.

“About suffering they were never wrong the Old Masters’,

says Auden, and I added:

while someone is bringing in the bins, watching ‘Bullet Train’

on Binge, or cleaning the car of dogs’ fur like my neighbour

who asks, Hey Bro, how’s it hanging? Do I even want to answer that?

‘This seeing the sick endears them to us, us too it endears’

says Hopkins in ‘Felix Randall’

who taught me empathy;

and those lines from Mary Oliver;

‘Someone I once loved

gave me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand

that this too was a gift’.

You can’t better that, Daz would say.

So is cancer a gift?

Anyhow I want to build my wooden trolls of poems

coz like Daz says, the best poems have all been written.

pic courtesy of pinterest

29 thoughts on “Dambo

  1. I like the kind of rambly, circular nature of this. I did get a little lost in the middle – wasn’t sure who was talking. Was it still Daz? (about the dog fur, Bullet Train, etc). But I really relate to the collecting of bits that speak to you in this traumatic time. A collage, of sorts. And I love the ending.

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  2. The box full of darkness is intriguing. I might have to ponder on that to a while. May I steal that image?
    My littlest grandson used to keep an empty orange juice carton in the fridge. He called it his box of air. From time to time he would pull it out, open it and breathe the chilled air it contained. Then he’d close it back up and return it to the shelf on the door.

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  3. Really like this one. You ask great questions. Especially the discarded poems. I do that sometimes, just find bits and pieces of what I’ve written and put them together. I guess it’s my way of cutting and pasting. I don’t know if everything’s be written. I would lean to say no.

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  4. I love how you have taken all these different lines by others and wove them with your thoughts into this outstanding poem. I didn’t know who Dambo was, so I googled him, such amazing art. I also found out the word dambo means seasonal waterlogged wetlands. Kind of like the emotion expressed in this poem. Did you intend a double innuendo with the title?

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  5. I’m sure the best poem is still to be written and if I was a betting man I would bet on you. Suffering seems to trigger the artist inside us. I guess when we stare down the abyss we like to make a remark before we fall. Like the part about suffering being a gift. After all you don’t like all the presents on Christmas.

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