Phillip Hodgins wrote one.

A great one about ibises.

They were a less scraggly, dissolute lot

than mine. Less louche.

I like the way he described them:

‘They had bodies the shape of caraway seeds,

and long black bills that curved like scythes’.

There is awe in his writing, respect.

He speaks of them flying in great flocks

casting deep shadows over the land

before descending like gods

beneficent as rain

aerating the soil, grubbing for bugs..

The farmer’s friend.

The Sacred Ibis of ancient Egypt.

I think I sold the ibises short.

  • pic courtesy of Wiki Commons

21 thoughts on “Ibises

  1. LOL Each is entitled to an opinion, so some say. 😁. Just thought of that joke then. They are such peculiar looking birds with their bald heads and wrinkly eye sockets. I want to love them for their oddities. And when they’re in a great field (as pictured) or wading in flood pools, I do. But when I see them in bins, I find them harder to love which is a little unfair given that the rubbish is our fault. It’s nice to think of them sailing over Egypt.

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