Red Ronnie: a little splash of Grand Guignol

Red Ronnie.

Grandma looked good in her widow weeds.

She really looked the part of an axe murderer.

She wielded that weapon like a true Viking.

Red Ronnie was getting the chop:

Red ‘coz of his coxcomb, Ronnie ‘coz of Ronnie Corbett,

the gruff and portly other half of ‘The Two Ronnies’

we used to watch Friday nights.

Wham! Down it came.

Ronnie took off around the yard as though looking for his head, crashing into things

‘coz it’s sort of hard without yr eyes.

We ate Ronnie at Xmas.

*pic courtesy of pinterest

15 thoughts on “Red Ronnie: a little splash of Grand Guignol

  1. This is a fine Viking tale. As they say, “all’s fair in love and cooking.” By extrapolation that certainly explains the justification for Grandpa’s death by ax. I mean the poor widow has to be her own butcher to save money because Grandpa ran a library where he categorized books by size and color rather than by subject or author. While he was bringing home the wrong financial books, she honed her ax handling skills. The two Ronnies would be proud.

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