Mystery Ships

Mystery Ships.

When he gets up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night,

she’d be there

or on the way back to his room after pausing in the kitchen

for a glass of milk,

she’d be in the hallway,

with her axolotl stare.

Time after time.

Passing ships in the night.

He’d look at her, and she at him,

sometimes a twitch of understanding, affection,

then they’d both look away.

After eight years, off and on,

they were still a mystery to each other.

Her cat. Not his.

They’d never bonded.

35 thoughts on “Mystery Ships

  1. I agree with K. The axolotl stare is a great line! And with the general sentiment… there is something in the simple telling of this that reflects so much on our interactions with other species. THe human world has few surprises these days with all that is available on the internet but interactions with other species … so much guesswork. Thanks for a thought provoking read.

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  2. I enjoy the understanding between these two, it seems to fall somewhere between disdain, tolerance and a mutual acknowledgment of circumstances. “Her cat. Not his.” sums it up beautifully. Cat’s probably thinking “Her man. Not mine.”

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