Mystic Mauve

Mystic Mauve.

I’m eight miles high again, sweet Jesus

branded on my feet

been smoking that purple rain again

though I have no one to meet

in the jingle jangle morning

mauve shadows are forming

& I’m running out of time

still tryin’ to catch the wind, sweet Mary

still one toke over the line

  • pic coutesy of pinterest;

36 thoughts on “Mystic Mauve

    • hahaha; glad you spotted the reference, Eden; my fave version of the track is from the album ,’Bringing It On Home’; there’s that ethereal, trippy harmonica solo just before the last verse; I’m going over to it now 🙂

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  1. I hear wind chimes, and old rhymes, the smell of patchouli mixed with something else, a stained glass window where coloured sunshine paints long toed bare feet purple and pink and yellow stripes, the rainbow hued toes tap in time to a sixties best on repeat at just one line “hey Mr Tamborine man..because the needle is stuck in a scratch caused by careless young fingers when their Dad bade them “play that song again, son yeahhh, this was real music” but the kid didn’t get it – they rarely do and now the record is broken but the rest of the lyrics play on, in the minds of some, who know the tune😊

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