42 thoughts on “The Stan Laurel Syndrome

  1. A Hardy hello and best wishes. Yes, messes are testy and even Laurel didn’t get laurels and never got to play Caesar even though he was always saying “Et tu Oliver Hardy.” But it is another fine mess that can lead to a fine clean up inning for the win in the mixed metaphor baseball championship. Who’s on first?

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  2. Love the poem John! I’m finding that the older I get the more unintended entertainment I provide the family. Laughter is a very good road. Good luck with your final chemo… no doubt it will be great to have that behind you!

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    • yes, the last line makes it; perhaps I should cut the rest of the poem away 🙂 would that work? it reminds me of a poem I wrote and posted some time back ; see if can find it —


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