28 thoughts on “Last Dance

  1. I love this John, as I was reading this I was listening to the bright pink dried bougainvillea flowers skitter across the pavers in the breeze. Soon the entire bush will be frost struck and miserable until spring when it will hurt forth again in a riot of colour. It’s right outside my entrance door so I really miss its vibrancy through winter.

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  2.     I like your skedaddle music. I can imagine a wild arbor dance that has legs.     It’s a good thing that leaves fertilize the soil if they can land in the right place; they replace the last remnant that they tree lost in making them. But actually deciduous trees are serial killers: they deliberately drain all the nutrients they can out of the leaves to save for the winter which kills the leaves. The leaves are flying corpses. It is fortunate that there are no mass gatherings of grieving people coming with their urns and releasing their ashes into the wind. It would be quite a dust storm, and not as melodic as leaves.

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