Does That Count?

You look like a man who could wear pink, she said,

handing me the mask along with the compliment.

I have never thought of myself as a man who could wear pink

but the dental assistant thought so too

though in her T-shirt and jeans and muscly arms festooned

with inky blue tatts of scaly winged dragons she wasn’t wearing

an iota of pink.

She looked indie, edgy like I wanted to look but I was the man

who wore pink.

I wore it all the way to the car park then bravely wore it

in the nearby shopping centre where Pink was playing

over the P.A system.

Was that a sign?

Then went home with it still on.

The next day I put on a blue mask but I did wear

my mauve short-sleeved shirt when I went out.

Does that count?

On Not Wearing Vests


Over the last four days I have not worn a vest it has been so hot.

It felt sort of liberating like women not wearing bras.

I have always worn a vest.

I have never questioned it.

Though an Aussie, I am of British stock. Wearing a vest is as ingrained as having a stiff upper lip during adversity or thinking of the Queen when trying not to go ‘all the way’.

My cousin who has considerable experience of men says she doesn’t know a single man —-or a married one —–who wears a vest to bed.

I have always called them ‘singlets’ but my friend who is British calls them ‘vests’, the name I have adopted too.

She doesn’t mind if they’re coloured. She’s liberal that way.

It still seems a little ‘racy’ not wearing a vest underneath a shirt but I am getting used to it.

Still I pop on a vest whenever it gets cool

It makes me feel more whole.


  • what do you think of vests?

An Off Day


He was having an off day.

No reports came in.

The odds were heavily against it,

Astronomical, in fact,

But there you were,

Blue moons, black swans, a win

In a billion dollar lottery.

They happen.

But it didn’t help his mood.

Perhaps he should stop wearing black.

Lighten up a little.

Wear something trendier.

T-shirt, chinos, loafers perhaps?

He had become something of a cliché.

What would his boss say?

Would he be let go? Demoted to Accounts?

He was not a pen pusher

But a man of action.

His shoulders slumped.

His scythe dropped.

He let out a sigh.

No one had died on his watch

That day.