Can You Put a bit more OOOMPH into it?



‘The tooth doesn’t seem to want to come,’ said the dentist.

‘I can see that,’ I said, holding grimly onto the chair.

‘Can you get up and give us a hand?’ he said.

‘What about your assistant?’

‘She’ll never be able to handle this. It’s a two-rooter.’

‘Okay, then,’ I said, hopping out of the chair. We both gripped the pliers, yanking together. It wouldn’t yield.

‘Could you put more oomph into it?’ he said.

So I gave it all I had and the dentist did too. We pulled and pulled and pulled. The dentist really had some biceps. Any minute now ….

Suddenly we fell backwards as the tooth yielded to superior force.

‘There, that did it,’ said the dentist pleased as I climbed back into the chair. ‘It’s amazing what a second pair of hands can achieve.’ he added holding up the bloodied tooth.

‘It certainly is,’ I said, blood streaming from my mouth.