Every now and then

piqued with curiosity

I like to visit blogs I used to visit regularly

to see what they are up to,

how well they’re doing:

it’s like gate-crashing a party:

everyone knows everyone else and it’s the same people

there the last few times you checked;

the mood buoyant,

rowdy, rambunctious,

the repartee rapid,

no awkward silences;

you are well out of the loop;

you’re not dressed right anyway

& you barely speak the same language.

Do you dip your toes in, make a comment?

Perhaps not.

Your own blog is doing well enough,

and may be just as intimidating to others

as these are to you.



What’s the loveliest new word you’ve come across recently? Mine would have to be ‘mulligan’. I came across a cheery article on dying in which the author says: ‘A thing about dying is that you can’t consult anyone who has done it. No rehearsals. No mulligans’. Okay, I had to look it up.

Do you know what it means? It’s a term used in golf where you’re given a second chance, usually when teeing off, if you make a bad stroke. This is only allowed, and informally, once every nine holes. The term has broadened to cover all facets of life.

I like the concept. I use it regularly when I stuff up a blog post. I have a second go. And if no one is watching, a third and fourth go in Edit mode till I get it right. Bless WordPress. How often do you get a post right first time around?