The Silver Hammer

What’s that? Under the driver’s seat?

A silver hammer.


Lol, No, mine.

What for? In case of a car jacking?

No. In case I’m caught. In a flood.


You remember the floods in NSW a few weeks back when a car tried to drive through a flooded road and the car sank, the driver died? You know what happened?

Not really.

The electronics failed. The driver couldn’t open a door or window to escape. Suffocated. Now if he had a hammer.

Gives a new meaning to the old song, doesn’t it?

What song?

‘If I Had a Hammer’.

Happy as Houdini

I didn’t know everything came with an escape hatch

but apparently it does :

my Holden Cruze, for instance,

the one I was trapped in last week  has an escape hatch

on the central console;

and I have an escape hatch

everytime my gardener bangs on about bananas —

it’s called, ‘checking on the roast’;

there’s one for closed arguments:

‘responding to a call of nature’;

there’s even an escape hatch from life

when things gets too onerous but most of us

are programmed not to take it — though on World R U OK day when

the phone calls are meddlesome as mozzies,

I’m  tempted

*pic courtesy of Wiki Commons