Who Let the Cat Out?

Who let the cat out?

Sleep did.

Sleep lifted the lid.

Let it roam

the alleys and backstreets

of the mind

rummaging through

memory’s bin;

Look what the cat

dragged in —-

half-buried scraps,

dead rats,

old what ifs.

Who let the cat out?

Sleep did.

Losing One’s Lid

My rubbish bin has lost its lid

& asks me what to do..

“How would you feel if your Id,

was exposed to full view?

All that rancour, all that passion,

the outright lies and fibs

You wouldn’t want someone peering in

the trashcan of yr Id.

And what if the rain should tumble down?”

“All right,” I say, “all right, don’t be such a squib,

I’ll phone the local council up.

You shall soon have your lid.”

Everyone should have their lid,

pleasant though firmly secured.

The Id is not a pleasant spot

& should not be long endured.

Perhaps I Shouldn’t Have Said It


Perhaps I shouldn’t have said it

But I was just a kid

Stuck inside a senior’s body

And so I did.


I thought it showed a little wit

But it was way off grid

A sort of Heathcliff on the moors

A fugitive from my Id.


I should have kept a lid on it

Would have been better if I did

But not everything condescends

To sit sedately in the Id.


  • do you think there are things we shouldn’t speak about?
  • what do we do with these primal feelings that keep threatening to ‘come out of the closet’?