Like Gustav

Which one is he, I say of the quartet by the river. Which one is Klimt?

Oh, he’s the one with the kaftan. He always wore one in public.

And I think, maybe that’s the answer, maybe if I wore a kaftan

everywhere I go people might take more notice, might say,

o, that’s the famous poet, he has a new book coming out.

And I could promenade along the jetty, frequent the famous kiosk

where all the trendy people go; and maybe go the full monty like Gustav

beneath his kaftan painting in his studio so he’d feel less constricted;

maybe that’d do the trick, maybe that’d free my poetry up

the ‘Think Position’


I have had a good think about this.

What is the best position to have a good think?

My first thought was of Rodin’s sculpture,

You know the one, the naked male figure hunched

over in deep thought usually displayed in public.

Nude thinking in public especially on a cold stone pedestal

does not appeal to me. Does it to you? Apart from the fact

It would lead you in hot water with the law, possibly

Not a bad thing if you were out there naked on a cold day.

There must be a better, more private way, I thought.

My favourite ‘think position’ is to throw myself on the bed,

head on the pillow, close my eyes and let my brain take over.

I am looking for some modern day Rodin to sculpt me

in this position, preferably not nude, and immortalize me

in public, a possible title being ‘The Prone Thinker’.


What is your favourite ‘think position’?