Looking for Something Psychedelic

something psychedelic

I went looking for the dark side of the moon ’cause Dino told me it was good. If you can’t think of the name, think Pink Floyd, he said but I didn’t need to do that. I went to all the outlets in my area, but none had it: they thought I was having them on. So I drove to Dan Murphy’s ’cause they have everything. I looked for something psychedelic but there was nothing. Finally an attendant found it. It had some dumb ass, low key label. I took it home. I did not guzzle. I sipped. I savoured. Then something happened ….

  • pic courtesy of pinterest

Saga of the Search

I don’t know what Jesus had in mind

when he said, Seek and ye shall find,

probably not these soy and almond protein oats

that soothe the tummy, titillate the throat

whose disappearance from the supermarket shelves

threaten to dismember my notion of self;

but I think He would be pleased I got off my arse

& visited various supermarkets, unafraid to ask

do you stock any of these, flashing my iphone pic

of the last one I had, but their reply is quick:

sorry, they say, you could try other stores

so I haul along my sorry arse to try one more

and lo and behold! joy leapt in my throat

before me sat 5 packets of those soy, almond oats.

Looking for Milton

I look for him everywhere .

In supermarkets , shopping malls ,

along the esplanade where he

hangs out .

Have you seen Milton ? I ask .

But no one has .

Not lately .

Suddenly I need him

this gnome of a man

with the grey goatee .

Milton the Gatekeeper

hoarding the knowledge

like bullion .

Like Diogones with his lamp

I scour the streets

with my headlights

looking for Milton .

  • pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


If you see Millie, let me know, she says as she retires for the night.

I will, I promise.

So I watch the program I want to see

then watch the program I do not want to see

going outside to check during the ad breaks

rattling the tin of biscuits, calling out her name

but there is no sign; and the stars have come out

and the moon glows knowingly but remains tight-lipped

so I go inside to watch another show I do not want to see

going outside at intervals, rattling the old biscuit tin

looking for the cat that does not want to be found.