Temporarily Unattended

Sometimes my mind

runs off

like that bloke’s mouth

outside the gym

pontificating about those fisticuffs

at the footy

“those weren’t friendly fisticuffs;

that was full on, mate”,

about George Pell:

‘ someone will pop him off one day,

like they did JFK’

or the Black Lives Matter protest rallies —

you don’t want to know’;

but I round my mind up

before it goes too far off the tracks

& give it a little talking to:

mostly I keep a close watch on this mind

of mine

What If ?



What if you took it down a notch or two

Instead of up?

There’d be less noise

less striving

Less busting your gut for glory.

Of course, you’d have to make way

For all those people scrambling up

The ladder of success

Instead of down

Like you’d be doing.

But there’d be room for the other virtues:

Indolence, compassion, contentment

That don’t get much of a look-in.

Sure, you could do that,

Knew people who’d taken it down a good few notches

And got by.

Kinder, gentler folk.

But what if everyone did it?

A whole lot of things would change.

Take Big Sport, for instance.

There’d be no Olympics, no NBA, No World Cup.

But would that matter?

Would it really matter?

What did people do before Sport anyway?



The Insoluble Problem of Motivation



It had been on the vacant lot next to the church

For over half a year and no one in all that time


Could rustle up enough motivation to mow the lawn

Or clear it of rubbish. I thought of calling


The number on the back a few times but just couldn’t

Get motivated enough to ring or attend one


Of their weekly meetings & I thought about something

A friend had said about running a Special Olympics


For the Motivationally Challenged but the problem

With that, I said, was that nobody would bother


To turn up. I thought then of the historically highly

Motivated: Hitler, Stalin, the rapacious bankers, Isis


And concluded that a low motivated populace isn’t

Necessarily a bad thing.