The Happy Caddie

It’s okay being a caddie

tagging along with the team

light as a butterfly

nothing to prove

floating along the lazy rhythms

of the afternoon,

the dappled sunlight,

the bodyguard gums,

the cheeky creek bed waiting

to gobble up golf balls;

you’re nimble on yr feet,

jovial as a parrot

keeping the banter going

handing out irons

as a waiter would drinks,

planting the flag after putting is done

like Neil and Buzz on the moon

*pic courtesy of Wikipedia

Nuisances and Nits

Every now and then

I clear out the belfry of my brain

of nuisances and nits.

Does it pang my conscience?

No, not a whit.

It keeps my train of thought

from being derailed,

from being snailed

by useless baggage,

I’m unattached as the cabbage

on the shelf,

and the best part —

I’m free as a fart.

I get to be myself.