About Me: An Update



When I was at Uni doing an English Major I had to read novels and when I taught High School English I had to read, of course, the novels I had set my students to read.; you know the ones: ‘Catcher in the Rye’, ‘Bridge To Terabithia’, ‘The Outsiders’, some Judy Blume novels and Dicken’s ‘Great Expectations’ and for advanced students ‘David Copperfield’. I even read ‘L’Etranger’ in the original French when I did Year 12 French. But since then …..


I don’t know if my attention span has shrunk or whether I’m more curmudgeonly towards authors who can’t say things succinctly. I start novels regularly, read a few pages here, a few there but then get bored. Poetry, short stories and novellas have long been my writing obsessions and more recently, graphic novels. You may also have noticed that I’ve been dabbling in Flash fiction, and submitting pieces, quite successfully, to The Drabble website.


I also like magazine pieces, especially the longer articles in ‘The New Yorker’ though I enjoy their cartoons too.


This may explain a few things about me.

I also like to whistle when I walk.