Zen Sandwich

Zen Sandwich

I am eating my zen sandwich by the side

            of a blue lake . I hear the sound of

                        two wings flapping .

A fawn falcon plunges down the side

            of the volcanic cone , its claws extended

like the landing gear of a plane .

As it skims across the surface — a sail-winged

             skater —- the talons lacerate the taut

                    skin of that lake . It bleeds blue .

32 thoughts on “Zen Sandwich

  1. thanks, Ed: you know what’s funny? I actually first posted this three years ago but it got little traffic but I thought it was an ideal New Year’s piece so I posted it again: maybe the time wasn’t right first time around? There are songs like that too: that make little impact when first released but a little later they hit the jackpot; now that would make one hell of a post 🙂

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  2. The stripped-down sentences make the moment sound more zen. Lacerating the lake, it’s vicious but also precise and skilful like a surgeon. Enamored with this one. You should write more zen moments, John.


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