How Could I Not?

I put up a post the other minute that I knew might offend people but I wanted to honour the veracity of the experience. Would it be more acceptable if the man was the one shouting, and he was the bear of the title rather than his female partner? She did unleash a scatological attack upon the poor guy. What he had done was unclear; more likely it was what he hadn’t done. The title of the piece was unavoidable, though might have been more acceptable were it the man hurling abuse.

It was what happened. Security was called. I overheard the remark, ‘woman screaming in the mall’. It was quite an event. It stopped everyone in their tracks. I could bend over backwards to sugar-coat the experience or ignore it but I’m a writer. How could I not respond to it?

15 thoughts on “How Could I Not?

  1. I thought you had blocked me. I was trying to comment about the power of the scatalogical skit and then the post went down! If we never offended anyone, we would never voice an opinion, and how sad would that be? 🙂


  2. Sorry John, Was somebody rude about it? Is that why you pulled it down again? I just read the first piece (luckily I get them by email and the email doesn’t get deleted but I can’t see any of the comments). To me it just seems like an observation of something you saw. I didn’t think it was offensive. It was an eye-witness account.

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