Where Celebrities Grew Up

Reading an article by David Remnick,

editor of ‘The New Yorker’

since 1998

I discovered

he was born in Paterson, New Jersey

the same place as Philip Roth,

the novelist whose biography Remnick was profiling,

as was Ginsberg,

the man who wrote “Howl’

that poem that still echoes down the decades.

the same place too

as William Carlos Williams,

the man who wrote ‘the red wheelbarrow’

and wait for it,

Lou Costello,

the comedic partner of Bud Abbot

whose films split our sides

in the fun house of the fifties;

what do they have in the water of Paterson, New Jersey,

that so many famous people

grew up there;

it must be quite a place

30 thoughts on “Where Celebrities Grew Up

    • thanks; that’s fascinating; you may have seen the statue to Lou Costello in a park in Paterson; I don’t know about the writers but you’d think there’d be one to Wlliams: his poem is world famous 🙂


  1. Paterson is clearly a fertile place for breeding talent. I’m not convinced that either fame or fortune is the road to true happiness. I was shocked about the domestic violence connection, although it does highlight that this scourge touches all sections of society.


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