Showers acupuncture skin , pummel

angry muscles

into submission ;

like coffee they

kick-start us into action ,

the quick fix , the jab for our frenetic times but

they are ill suited

to contemplation or insight —


would have discovered nothing under a shower ;

nor are they

conducive to knowledge ; you cannot

read under showers nor

can you write unless it is wet verse ;

moreover showers only cater

for one side at a time — leaving  the

other blue with cold ;

in this

baths are more inclusive immersing us

like icebergs with only

the head above water ;

showers have

much to learn ;

young upstarts , they lack the noble

ancestry of baths yet

arrogantly tower above them  ; their heads

must constantly be lowered

* which do you prefer: showers or baths?
* if you were asked to write a bath poem what would your opening lines be?

25 thoughts on “Showers

  1. I might like baths better if they were, on average, longer. I either get cold knees or cold shoulders. On that basis I prefer showers — the massage is good, relaxing, almost meditative. So I’m not sure that I agree that they are ill suited to contemplation. They also make a lot of noise which I like. I can sing or cry in the shower in blissful privacy. Love your poem though. Like JYP, I love the first line and also the concept of a “wet verse”. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m a shower person, and I can get my entire body wet at the same time. My shower head is big !

    I don’t like sitting in a bath, water gets cold too quickly and I prefer scalding-heat. I also feel like I’m just marinating in my own dirt! Hahaha


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