41 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. I’m feeling in a poetic mood tight now for the first time in several years. I wonder if it will result in a crappy poem, something that never gets past the draft stage and gets forgotten or diescarded, or will I actually manage to complete something.
    Probably a lot hinges on whether the wife interrupts my train of thought… or whether I interrupt my own…

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  2. I don’t think drafting is a waste of time. I have taken to keeping all my writings in month-lots. I can go back and if I’ve cut out some “darlings” in the drafting process, I don’t have to throw them away. I have them there for recycling. I love your sailing metaphor. It works beautifully and I can see that it came out neat and tight. And when that happens it’s such a gift. Sadly, for me though, it doesn’t happen all that often.

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  3. Maybe as much as we learn to write, we also learn to edit. And maybe this is just me, but sometimes my “inspired” writing turns out to be well… not that good; and when I write something I think is not that good, after some time it turns out to be actually something good.

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    • I’ve done that too, Bob, especially in ‘Lions’; after getting no comments for hours and then only a few, I though I had overshot the mark: I was contemplating ‘pulling’ the poem but I let it stand for a few more hours because I really did ‘believe’ in it then Worms commented, then Beth, and the rest followed —

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  4. I wrote six or seven drafts of my first novel while living on a yacht. I’d sail and write by a breeze. Sometimes ideas came easy. All it needed was that gentle swoosh that came off the stern of the boat during a ten knot blow. -Michael

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