The Outhouse by the Sea

I’m glad I got to go to the outhouse by the sea.

I got to see the whales go by, far below me,

those sleek black submarines in the golden light

dozens of them dozens, an armada of might

dark, silent mysterious, they forged through the waves,

out through the headlands, to a distant sea.

I’m glad my bladder was full, got to take a pee.

And when I got back, and fell back to sleep,

I could see them still, moving through my dream.

*pic courtesy of pinterest

27 thoughts on “The Outhouse by the Sea

  1. The only thing I’ve ever seen in an outhouse is the missed remains of clumsy partygoers that went before me. You make this pace seem magical. Like Dr. Who’s phone booth.
    Way to bring outhouses back, John. Such good fun.

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