the T-Shirt Keeps its Cool


The T- shirt isn’t dumb. It knows what’s coming. Soon as I get in the door, I let it rip.

What do you mean, lapping up all the praise? They’re my mates. I didn’t know you’d dominate the conversation. You were shameless.

I didn’t do a thing, the T – shirt says. I just sat there, on you, covering up your flab.

You could have been more inconspicuous.

Hey, you chose me. It’s not my fault you chose a loud T-shirt. And anyway, you know what they say?


If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

You certainly did that.

We look at each other in the mirror for a minute or two.

Anyhow, I say, I still like you. You look great.

Look at it this way, the T-shirt says, the next time you take me out, your mates will be over it. They’ll move onto you.

I guess you’re right, I say. We mustn’t get too precious.

Friends? Says the T-shirt.

Friends, I say and  put my arms around myself, giving the T a good hug.

6 thoughts on “the T-Shirt Keeps its Cool

  1. Yes, clothes … To cover up what we want to keep private, to enhance our bits we happy to show off, to keep us warm, or cool, depending on the the weather, and what they are. Clothes have stories to tell, for sure. They’ve been involved in big court cases over the years, and will do so again, holding onto parts of a human’s most personal internal ‘stuff’, blood, semen, saliva …
    And the images and logos we choose to show to the world, our favourite team or place, our favourite thought, or favourite star of stage, screen or sportsfield …

    Yes clothes have many stories to tell, about us, to others, and if we thing more deeply about it, about ourselves.

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  2. I reckon this topic is largely unexplored as far as poetry goes so hopefully between my poem and those your group puts up, we’ll expand the list. There could be bitter poems, amusing ones ….


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