Literature for Lockdown


Being a lazy shopper and wanting some books to read in lock-down, I wandered to a bookstore which had a sidewalk sale. I found a section of broad interests that could offer some joy to me and my partner and purchased them all.

I don’t know who Jo Wood is but it’s a catchy title —‘Hey Jo’ — and it’s a story of a ‘Rock and Roll Fairy Tale’ so it sounds promising.  Don’t know about ‘The Rum Cock Guide’ though. That sounds a little priapic. As for ‘Adelaide’, well, that’s my home town Still, there may be some hidden spots we don’t know about.

Have a glance over the titles. Which do you reckon you’d go to first? Do you think it’s a healthy selection?

Which book/s will you take with you during lock-down?


4 thoughts on “Literature for Lockdown

  1. I remember during a heatwave in Adelaide I went to the cinema two days straight and saw the longest films I could: one was ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the other was ‘The Last Samurai’


  2. Excellent question. Wish I’d ask myself that before the actual lock down 😦 When I could still go to the bookshop. Very lucky to have a small stash waiting though…I’d say I’d re-read the classics if I could. If I could only pick 3, I’d go Zola, Dostoievski, Jane Austen. One French, one Russian,one Brit for good measure:)

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