I Like Graphic Novels

I like graphic novels.

I always have.

I like the illustrations.

It’s the little kid in me.

I always wanted to be an illustrator

but I never got past

little stick men, sorry, people.

I like that they can tell a novel-size story

in 64 pages or less

when some writers – I am thinking Pasolini here —

can push it up to 900 pages.

Come on!! as Lleyton Hewitt would say.

I have my little list of favourites:

‘Wilson’ by Daniel Clowes and ‘A Taste of Chlorine’

by that French author

and ‘Maus’, of course, the classic by Art Spiegel.

I remember the excitement when I purchased

‘The Dark Knight Returns’ by Frank Miller when it first came out.

It was like when I bought the just released “Revolver’ by the Beatles

and ran down the ramp of the Adelaide Railway Station to catch

the train home so I could play it on the turntable

only to come a cropper at the end.

It was that kind of excitement.

When in doubt, choose a graphic novel, I say.

23 thoughts on “I Like Graphic Novels

  1. John, I just have a quick question. Would you be willing to give me permission to link to your page for an award post I’m doing? It won’t be a nomination, I don’t do those. It’s more an appreciation post of all your encouragement when I was starting out. Otherwise, I can simply write your name without the link if you’d prefer.

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  2. Heheh. Revolver was a bit of a turn, wasn’t it? My favorite songs that were first recorded on that album are Stevie Ray Vaughan’s cover of “Taxman” and Earth, Wind and Fire’s cover of “Got to Get You into My Life” … there’s “Here, There, Everywhere”… never cared all that much for “Eleanor RIgby”….

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  3. looks like you and I are limited in the same way: there are few people who can write and sketch well :} William Blake waqs one, of course and our own Barbara Hanrahan; then there are the children picture book writers like Julia Donaldosn of ‘the Gruffalo’ and others fame ; oh how I would love to draw 🙂


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