but I cannot draw

I draw conclusions right and wrong

My judgments can be poor.

I draw a bath. I draw curtains

But I cannot draw.

I draw in air. I draw blood

When the scab’s knocked off my sore.

I draw upon my inner strength

Yet I cannot draw.

Sometimes I draw a long bow

When restraint goes out the door.

I draw laughter and anger too

And sometimes the short straw.

I would love to be a Picasso.

My drawings all adored.

But as it is I am me

And alas I cannot draw.

22 thoughts on “but I cannot draw

  1. they certainly do; it shouldn’t be long before I crack the magic 1000 barrier πŸ™‚ but to put things in perspective, I see are few of my fellow bloggers are over the 20,000 mark !!! I mean, excuse my doubt, but how do they do it? is it even possible ??? I can’t see you or I ever getting there


  2. But you draw my attention every time, uncanny. πŸ˜‰ where do you draw the line on reading too many of someone’s old blog posts? It’s like my favorite new show and there’s multiple seasons already out.


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